Written on Our Hearts

“My heart overflows with a good theme; I address my verses to the King. My tongue is the pen of a ready writer”. Psalm 45:1

The desire to memorize portions of Scripture seems to wane as believers mature. Anyone who spends time in the Word loves Psalm 119 and has probably tucked away verse 11. Rightfully so, as it serves to remind us that in order to keep short accounts with the Lord, a quick access to His desires causes us to know what offends Him. How many times has some passage come to mind when going through life’s circumstances? A lot, you say? Do you want that to happen more often? I’ll state the obvious: Commit more to memory and you’ll have an even greater pool to draw on.
We all have a desire to pray and ask God to work. Perhaps you wonder from time to time if your desires line up with His. Use His own words or those of the Bible’s Spirit-inspired, earthly authors to express your needs. It will transform your prayer life. Address your verses to the King.

As we set our minds on what God has revealed, our own conversations will be seasoned with His expressions. Let your tongue be His pen to write on another heart as yours overflows with the joy of knowing Jesus. You can’t beat that as a theme.


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Rick Gile

Rick Gile

Life is made up of stories. You may not realize it, but we relay our experiences to one another all the time. They can give our loved ones a sense of the past, our friends a glimpse of how we have reacted to life's changes. Or, tell a new acquaintance something about ourselves. Stories are really about the journey of life.

What you encounter as life passes are views of events that make up your past, while shaping your future. What you read here are merely a few of the stories that have shaped my life, so far.

Rick and his wife Olga live in upstate New York, close to their grandchildren. They work part-time with their sons after running a business for 37 years in the Albany area.

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