Notes on John 2: Wedding Feast at Cana

Do you ever wonder why Jesus would choose a wedding feast to do His first miracle and begin His public ministry? Why something as “simple” as producing wine from water?

As time would pass, he would bring sight to the blind, feed multitudes by multiplying a few pieces of bread and fish, heal folks and even raise the dead. I doubt that it was to save the guests from dying of thirst. Were those other occasions more important? Could it have been as simple as causing the host to not be embarrassed? Jesus knows our every need, does He not?

Marriage is used throughout the Scriptures to illustrate God’s relationship with His people. Perhaps this is another of those times to show the importance of that bond, giving it His imprimatur.

We bow our heads at a meal and recognize that what we have comes from Him. Do we ever think of that provision as a miracle, particularly as Americans? Even what seems trivial to us has been provided by a loving Heavenly Father.

Yet, the real outcome of His miracle is in vs 11; “His disciples believed in Him”.

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Rick Gile

Rick Gile

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