A Shakespearean “Aside”

When we introduce ourselves to someone, it’s usually with a handshake and, simply, our name.  Depending on the occasion, we might use both our given and surname.  In business and professional settings, we may tell the person we are speaking to, what or who we represent.  Occasionally, conversations move beyond that and tiny points of our lives begin to emerge, creating genuine friendships.

Why write these things? We are all products of our past. I don’t mean that in some pop-psychology sense of victimization.  We should not blame our past for the situation we may be in today.  Nor, should we blame those who have negatively influenced our lives for the bad decisions we have made.  We are all responsible before God for who we are, what we do and the way we treat others.  The past is part of who we are, though, and I believe it should be remembered, including the good, the bad and the downright lousy.  Remembered, not to repeat the wrongs but to learn from them.  Our successes in life are made up of our failures.  It’s what we do with them that makes the genuine differences in our lives.

Not every thread of a tapestry is perfect, nor every color vibrant. It’s the weaving of each fiber that shows the love in the Weavers work, no matter how much of an amateur the one pushing the shuttle may be. Some of these stories are quite personal, some not so much. I’m sure you will scratch your head and try to guess what in world I had in mind when I wrote it. Olga is my “fact checker” and keeps me on track with what really happened. She and I want to open the door a little, so you can see as we do, how God has orchestrated so many events in our lives. Sometimes with His loving hand gently guiding us. Other times, shoving us into where He wants us to be, all for His glory.

I’m certainly no Shakespeare, or even much of a writer, for that matter.  I am, frankly, surprised and humbled by the number of you who are reading my posts. Your responses, “likes”, notes and personal words of encouragement, are very much appreciated.


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Rick Gile

Rick Gile

Life is made up of stories. You may not realize it, but we relay our experiences to one another all the time. They can give our loved ones a sense of the past, our friends a glimpse of how we have reacted to life's changes. Or, tell a new acquaintance something about ourselves. Stories are really about the journey of life.

What you encounter as life passes are views of events that make up your past, while shaping your future. What you read here are merely a few of the stories that have shaped my life, so far.

Rick and his wife Olga live in upstate New York, close to their grandchildren. They work part-time with their sons after running a business for 37 years in the Albany area.

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